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Virtual 3D technology has rapidly evolved in the recent years since its advent within the Gaming industry and its subsequent foray within the entertainment, real-estate & property marketing industries which was revolutionised by Matterport; our key partner and an industry defining, innovative Californian company who design, develop, manufacture both the 3D Camera gear and the Virtual Reality Software that work with them.

Matterport 3D spaces unlike traditional 2D photos or videos, utilises spatial recognition to enable you explore any place as if you were really there. Whether you’re selling a home, marketing a venue, or building new construction, 3D Spaces help you communicate a true sense of your properties to anyone, on web, mobile. Even better all the Matterport models can also be experienced in Virtual Reality.

Revolutionise how you use Matterport Spaces to communicate with MatterTag Content, your way to add context to specific locations, objects, and features within your space.

Check out the Matterport 360 Views video below to find out more.

At Vista360, Matterport is our key partner for us in delivering quality 3D scans & interactive floor plans and Vista360 is a Matterport (MSP) Preferred Services Provider and we use the very latest technology, infact, there are only a handful of these cameras in Australia. The technology, hardware & software associated with being able to film in HD, 3D, 360 Degree and then create an Interactive Walk Through Tour that’s very unique.

As the camera gently spins, it captures the colours and contours of a space and calculates dimensions and spatial relationships between objects. Other laser-based camera systems are cumbersome, very expensive, and take days to create a 3D model.

See our 3D camera in action.

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